Sam’s Club To Open Cashier-Less Store in Dallas

Wholesale warehouse company Sam’s Club has announced plans to open a location in Dallas that is like no other. At this new store, customers can scan and pay for their groceries with just the use of a simple mobile app.  Yes, that means, you can buy food without having to stand in a checkout line or talk to a cashier.

This is, of course, might be new to the Walmart subsidiary, but it is not new to the retail market.  As a matter of fact, Walmart is among many retailers who are currently playing with technology in stores to attract new customers. This, of course, is a crucial turning point for the grocery industry, as competitors look for ways to cut costs and improve sales.

For one, it has been reported that Amazon could have as many as 3,000 cashier-free stores by 2021.  In addition, Kroger offers its customers a “Scan, Bag, Go” app that is similar to the one Sam’s Club offers.

As far as the Dallas Sam’s Club location goes, customers who want to take advantage of this service will have to download Sam’s Club “Shop and Go” mobile app which will now feature the “Sam’s Club Now” service. To participate in this experience, customers simply open the “Sam’s Club Now” app when they enter the store.  With this app, they can find items on shelves and add them to their mobile cart by simply scanning the barcode.

According to CEO and executive vice president of membership and technology of, Jamie Iannone, the number one question they get is to inquire where a particular item is located.  Obviously, this app circumvents this problem I a very simple way.

When it comes to paying for your items, you just scan a code with an exit host before you leave the store. Of course, the app will also make suggestions for items you might want to add to your cart, all based on your existing purchase history.

Iannone goes on to say, “We’ll use all available technologies—including computer vision, augmented reality, machine learning, artificial intelligence, robotics, just to name a few—to redefine the retail experience.”

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