New Todd Gurley Deal Changes Running Back Pay Structure and More

Sometimes it only takes one mega-deal to get things moving along for others. The Los Angeles Rams and Todd Gurley agreed to a four-year contract extension that, that essentially resets the market for running backs.

Sources confirm that the deal is worth $60 million and includes $45 million guaranteed, the largest guarantee given to a running back.

Gurley also will receive a $20 million signing bonus. It is the largest per-year average for any running back.

Others around the NFL took note, including Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell.

Bell has been unable to agree to a long-term contract with Pittsburgh and has received a franchise tag in back-to-back years.

Bell, will make $14.5 million this season with his franchise tender.

Rams general manager Les Snead was asked about what the deals mean to the Rams in the way of negotiations with others, including defensive lineman Aaron Donald.

“Each situation is different. Different players, different agents,” Snead told reporters. “You work on everything simultaneously, but you really don’t know when you’re going to get something done or not because it’s case by case. He’s a big weapon for us,” Snead said

Here what you need to know. The NFL is a copycat league, offensive schemes, defensive schemes and it will not be any different with long-term mega-deals for star players.

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