LG’s New V40 Phone The First To Feature Five Cameras

Phone makers have always been very competitive, trying to outdo each other. But, other than some stunning innovations from smaller firms like Huawei and OnePlus, the industry has largely been dominated by Samsung and Apple. In March, Huawei launched its P20 smartphone, which made waves for being the first to have three cameras. Several weeks after, both Samsung and Apple announced plans to release three-camera smartphones.

Since it is tough to stay on top for long in the smartphone world, LG has decided to kick things a notch higher. Android Police claims that the phone maker has thrown caution to the wind and intends to put five cameras on its new phone.

The new LG V40, which will feature a notch and facial recognition will succeed the V30 model. The company has been prolific in releasing a series of premium devices in the form of V30s. It has recently released the ThinQ, G7 ThinQ, and the V35 ThinQ. Although the models featured three cameras it was not enough to shake up the market.

Both two and three cameras

Android Police states that, just like the Huawei P20 Pro, the LG V40 will feature three cameras at the back of the device. Hence, the device will have two cameras mounted on the front, similar to the HTC U12 Plus. It will also have a stereo system to follow for 3D face mapping and unlocking.

If rumors come to pass, then it would mean that the V40 will be the first devise to feature both, dual front camera and the triple rear camera configurations on a single gadget. Additionally, it will be the first smartphone to have five cameras.


Following the precedence, the company has set before, where the V30 appeared to look like a larger G6, the V40 is rumored to resemble the G7 ThinQ. The new smartphone will feature a notched display, which users have the ability to turn off and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor. The phone will also have a Quad DAC similar to the previous model, as well as a dedicated Google Assistant button on the side in addition to a fingerprint scanner on the back.

One of the rear sensors is expected to be a regular RGB sensor and the second one to be a wide-angle sensor. The third one could either be a depth sensor for bokeh, or a telephoto lens or even a monochrome sensor.

Expectations are high that LG will presumably release more V40 details later this summer as it prepares to launch it during the fall season.


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