Elgato Sells Its Gaming Business As It Rebrands To Eve Systems

Corsair wants a piece of the big live game streaming business pie. The PC peripheral maker has reached a deal to acquire Elgato Gaming, which is owned by the German tech company Elgato Systems.

Elgato Gaming is responsible for manufacturing several important tools for video game streaming such as capture cards, the Stream Deck peripheral and green screens. There have been three most important tools for broadcasters on services such as Twitch, Mixer, and Youtube.

The deal does not come as a big surprise since Corsair is already actively involved in the gaming business. Streamers are known to use mice and mechanical keyboards, which are both products of the company. However, the company is responsible for producing a variety of different items meant for gaming. It produces PSUs, cooling systems, PCs, memory among others.


Another feature that has made Corsair more popular in the gaming business is because it sponsors several high-profile organizations. It is also an active brand in the esports industry. It sponsors Counter Logic Gaming, Team Secret and also Splyce. It is common to see the Corsair name appearing when one is watching Fortnite or League of Legends player.

This move is giving the company much publicity especially at such a time that its rival SteelSeries is getting key sponsorships that pose a threat to Corsair’s business.

The acquisition of Elegato Gaming will play a big role in Corsair’s plan to stem a big footprint in the gaming business. The deal also signals that game streaming is rising fast in becoming a lucrative business that can no longer be ignored.

Neither the details of the deal were disclosed nor the sum that Corsair paid for the gaming business. However, the deal was announced through Twitter as the company welcomed Elgato Gaming to the Corsair family.


At the same time, Elgato announced that it is rebranding to Eve systems. This move might as well mean that Eve, which was launched in 2014 has been a successful venture for Elgato. Since it has sold its gaming business it will now focus entirely on smart home devices and the internet of things (IoT).

The Elgato Eve product line already has a number of smart home sensors designed to work with Apple’s HomeKit smart home platform. It has Eve Room, which measures temperature and humidity, Eve Degree, which tracks the weather, and it has Eve Energy which is a smart plug.

Moreover, the newly branded Eve Systems is expected to showcase some of its new products at the upcoming IFA tech show in Berlin.

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