Don Miller – Editor and Publisher

Don is a lifelong Florida resident with a passion for promoting and writing about sports, technology, and finance. He is a follower of Larry Burkett and Dave Ramsey in matters of money management and personal finance. He serves as publisher and editor for and has been published on numerous technology news, entrepreneur, sports, and finance sites.

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Toi Williams – Contributor 

When it comes to professional writers, very few match the level of Toi Williams. Although she has only been a published writer for 10 years, during that time her work has impacted millions of readers. Today, the majority of Toi’s work focuses on personal finance and finance-related topics although she delves into the world of healthcare as well.

Toi is originally from Columbus, Ohio,  having grown up with a father who was a prolific writer and professor, and a mother who was a business executive.

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Stefani Robinson – Contributor

Stefani has worked in financial fraud investigations for an international bank for the past seven years and prior to that worked for a major credit card company and in consumer credit repair.

She has lived in severe money straights and learned proper money management the hard way, her mother always adds “just like everything else.”

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Ken Jordan – Contributor

While some writers create work for specific genres, Ken considers himself an all-around author. In addition to contributions on his favorite topics to include finance, technology, and news, he also writes about health, sports, and celebrities.

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Renee Jackson – Contributor

Renee Jackson draws on her decades of experience working with tech companies in the Chicago area to write about a wide assortment of topics under the tech umbrella. Many of her articles focus on the newest innovations in computer technology.

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David Steele – Contributor

David Steele lives abroad but was born in the United States. Growing up in a military family David has lived in and explored many different cultures. He specializes in business reporting for TrueBueTribune and has been published on numerous financial websites including Investopedia and Intuit.

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