AT&T Employs A Pop-Up Approach With Its New Store In Dallas

AT&T has launched a new store in Dallas, Texas but it is nothing like what customers have been used to seeing. This is because the company has chosen to use a pop-up style for the new store, meaning it is significantly smaller than the firm’s traditional stores.

The new pop-up store in Dallas is part of the company’s strategy through which it plans to diversify and expand its distribution strategy. The new store is aimed at reaching out to customers in areas that are not served by AT&T’s retail chains. Pop-up stores are usually temporary and smaller than conventional stores and this makes it easier for them to be deployed quickly.

The carrier has taken a simplistic approach towards the styling of the pop-up store. For example, rather than having a carpet fitted in, the company decided to leave it bare. This means that the wires are not as easily hidden as they are in the regular AT&T stores. The Dallas pop-up store also features the company’s branding on one of its walls and an art piece that looks like street graffiti. The lighting and fixtures in the store are also less complex than the official AT& stores.

The store features electronic devices sold by the company including smartphones and other mobile devices. The products are placed on shelves that are on wheels. This makes it easier to move the shelves around, thus making better use of the limited space.

Despite the unique differences and the smaller space, AT&T has managed to make the store look a lot like its other stores. The Dallas pop-up store is one of many new additions that AT&T is planning to introduce in different areas. The telecommunications giant is reportedly evaluating numerous other markets where it plans to set up its pop-up stores.

Each new pop-up store will be launched within 60 days after the company signs a lease in a target market. AT&T also unveiled several mobile stores on wheels through which it also plans to deliver its store experience. So far the store has demonstrated impressive performance in less than four weeks and has even outperformed the traffic and sales expectations.

The move by AT&T follows announcements by Sprint T-Mobile about their plans to expand their retail coverage as they expand their networks. Ray Aguirre, the Assistant Vice President of retail sales at AT&T stated that the new approaches will allow the company to employ new tactics to serve customers efficiently.

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