5 Things That Employers Across the Country are Looking for in News Hires for 2018 

When we think about whether or not we have what it takes to get hired, we often obsess over the wrong elements of our background.

In the fact, your resume, years of experience and where you got your degree might be a bit less relevant than you’ve been led to believe. 

At the end of the day, so much of a new hires’ ability to stand out is based on skills.

From healthcare and marketing to engineering and office management, the diversity of 2018’s top and most-desired jobs is rather telling. In today’s economy, ideal candidates for any given position should strive to have a distinct combination of hard and soft skills to make themselves stand out in the eyes of potential employers.

But what skills are we talking about? Consider the following combination for starters regardless of what sort of role you might be going after.

Data-Driven Decision-making

From marketers dealing with performance numbers to teachers tracking student trends, it’s hard to name a field that hasn’t been impacted by the need for employees to carefully track company data.

For those in a corporate setting, though, data-decision decisions are an expectation. When we look at tasks such as understanding the details of compliance management or justifying budget decisions based on hard numbers, it’s clear that today’s workforce can’t be totally scared of stats. Those who embrace the challenge will most definitely stand out in an interview setting.

Comfort with Tech

On a related note, new hires are likewise expected to adapt when it comes to new software and solutions that are constantly being rolled out in the workplace. The more industry-specific software you can make mention of, the better. Especially considering the rise of automation, workers need to display that they have a handle on tech solutions.

Interpersonal Skills

At the end of the day, getting along with others is one of the most sought-after “soft” skills of any employer. 

After all, being amiable is going to help you stand out in your interview; meanwhile, that sort of positive vibe is going to shine when it comes to dealing with clients and customers. In a day and age where companies want to avoid confrontation with their customers at all costs, interpersonal skills can’t be overlooked.

Meanwhile, consider how employees don’t hire solely based on what they see on your resume. When a company makes the decision to hire, they’re investing in you the professional, sure, but also you the person. Employers want to hire those they feel will be a good fit for the long-term, so a bit of positivity and personality does indeed go a long way.

A Team Mentality

Similarly, the ability to effectively work as a team is a must as frequent collaboration is so common in any given role. It’s hard to find any industry these days where you’re totally flying solo on a day-to-day basis. If you’re the type of person who thrives when you’re around others and wants to work toward a sort of “greater good” within your company, that’s a major plus.

Marketing Knowledge

Companies today don’t put all the burden of advertising on their marketing departments. Every employee is a potential brand advocate: the more marketing know-how you have handy, the better. While you don’t necessarily need to be a master marketer, you should be able to prove firsthand that you understand some principles via your resume and marketing yourself.

You don’t necessarily need to assume your ideal job is out of reach if you can embody these sorts of skills. Simply emphasize them on your resume accordingly and explore opportunities to bring them up in your cover letters and face-to-face conversations to win over interviewers.

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