Amazon Surges Operations With 18-Month Hiring Spree

A lot of people in the United States are still looking for steady work. If you are not among that population then it is quite likely that you know someone who is. Over the next year and a half, though, roughly 100,000 of those people will be able to say they have a decent job as Amazon has announced a plan to hire approximately that many workers over the next 18 months.

Yes, it is quite an ambitious expansion plan, particularly at a time when retail markets are not doing so well. Truly, it is traditional retail suffering major losses in the face of more customers moving to more affordable and convenient online options, but even then, this is a very pressing time.

But Amazon has a solid reputation for investing its own money back into its own business[es]. This time, though, it appears that Amazon is making a statement that they are a force to be reckoned with. After all, the majority of these new hires will, more than likely, work out of new Amazon fulfillment centers that are being built (or have recently completed construction) in Texas and California (among other places).

On Thursday, the online retail giant reported that its US workforce has grown six-fold between 2011 and 2016: from about 30,000 to approximately 180,000. Looking at Amazon’s plans, then, they are definitely looking to ramp up operations.

Baird analyst Colin Sebastian, for example, said that Amazon’s hiring announcement is a certain indication for just such a thing. “We view this announcement positively in terms of the current trajectory of Amazon’s businesses,” he confides, “As well as management’s confidence in the long-term outlook. The hiring is consistent with our view that Amazon will continue to invest aggressively in its retail, media, technology and logistics businesses.”

Of course, this is a welcome sign for workers, too: Amazon spokesperson Nina Lindsey comments, “This is a great opportunity, especially for any candidates who have been out of work or are looking for a better job with benefits. Candidates are attracted to our roles because they recognize Amazon is an innovative company.”

After all, the company is touting a 20-hr week as “full-time,” offering a benefits package that includes health insurance and stock options.

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