USDA Issues Recall Warning Over Bones Found in Frozen Chicken Bites (Made for Toddlers)

It has been a big year for recalls, unfortunately, from auto parts to food products. And today is no different; though today’s recall is of the latter category.

Vernon, CA-based Overhill Farms Inc has issued a voluntary recall over roughly 54,630 pounds of chicken bites products which have been speculated to contain extraneous, foreign materials—especially bone—according to the United States Department of Agriculture’s Food and Safety Inspection Service.

According to Yummy Spoonfuls Ceo Alastair Dorward, “We learned from one of our suppliers that a small number of Yummy Spoonfuls products may contain chicken bone fragments. While the risk is low, the health and wellness of our children and customers is paramount, so we have proactively withdrawn the affected chicken bites from store shelves, and have voluntarily issued a recall in collaboration with USDA.”

The Yummy Spoonfuls products that have been affected all include products with containing frozen chicken bites and are marketed as organic food for toddlers and all have production dates listed as: Aug 30, 2016; Feb 1, 2017, Feb 9, 2017; April 25, 2017.

The recall includes establishment numbers “P2824,” “P6009,” or “P44058”:

    • 3-oz boxes of “Yummy Spoonfuls Chicken Carrot Bites”
    • 3-oz boxes of “Yummy Spoonfuls Chicken Sweet Potato Bites”
    • 3-oz boxes of “Yummy Spoonfuls Chicken Broccoli Bites”
    • 30-lb bulk cases of Overhill Farms “Fully Cooked Organic Chicken Broccoli Bites Chicken and Vegetable Patty,” (with case code 320422)
    • 30-lb  bulk cases of Overhill Farms “Fully Cooked Organic Chicken Carrot Bites Chicken Patties with Carrots and Cauliflower,” (with case code 320460)
    • 30-lb bulk cases of Overhill Farms “Fully Cooked Organic Chicken Sweet Potato Bites Chicken Patties with Sweet Potatoes, Quinoa, & Peas,” (with case code 320430).

The company issued the recall after consumers complained about finding bones (bone fragments) in their food.  Fortunately there have been no reports of adverse affects or complications as a result of the contamination, though this is considered a Category 1 high risk contamination. As such, then, the company recommends that anyone who has concern over injury or illness should notify a health care professional.

As with any food recall, it is advised that all consumers discard the affected products and to address all questions or concerns by contacting the distributors directly: Yummy Spoonfuls Customer Support 844.986.6948.

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