Angelina Jolie Said To Be Worrying Over Brad Pitt Getting Into Another Relationship

Reports indicate that following the filing of divorce from Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie is now concerned that he will start dating again. Though she hasn’t said or done anything that would suggest that she wants to rekindle their romantic relationship, sources say she is terrified that he may find someone new.

“Even though she wanted the split, she’s terrified Brad will move on and find love with someone new. It’s one of those she can’t live with him, and she can’t live without him, things,” a source told

Worries over children

Besides not wanting to be replaced, Jolie also doesn’t want another woman in the life of her children. However the source added that Jolie has nothing to worry about since Pitt was entirely focused on his career, health and children.

After Jolie filed for divorce last year in September, the two have been locked in a complex divorce and custody battle. This has included an incident in which the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigations had to come in following accusations against Pitt that he had physically abused his son Maddox who was then 15 years old.

Eleven years together

The filing of the divorce came after 11 years of being a couple, during some of which the two were legally married. In their time together, they both experienced transformations in their careers, humanitarian work and personal lives. Jolie expanded her humanitarian activities to become a recognized voice for the oppressed and vulnerable as well as one of the most memorable faces in the humanitarian sector. She also became a mother of six children.

The news that Jolie is fearful of her ex getting into another romantic relationship comes after Pitt enjoyed the first overnight visit from his six kids since the split. The six children – Knox, Vivienne, Zahara, Pax, Shiloh and Maddoz made the visit following a recommendation by a therapist of the family. Prior to the overnight visit, the children had a few weeks ago visited their father at his home in Los Feliz. The children were accompanied by their nannies who have been hired by Jolie since she has the sole custody.

Los Feliz home

To reduce the physical distance between the children and their father, Jolie is understood to have bought a new home in Los Feliz for approximately $25 million. The house is near the house Pitt resides in. Initially after the breakup, Jolie had rented a house in Malibu but the distance had proved to be a challenge.

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