Celebrating Legoland’s Fifth Birthday with Five New Attractions

With its fifth birthday fast-approaching, Winter Haven’s Legoland will celebrate in a big way by adding five new attractions. In a formal announcement, park officials stated that the theme park and resort will be expanded. Ultimately, the goal is to make the current kid-focused park even more attractive. This will give Legoland a boost against serious competition in vying for tourist’s attention.

As part of the expansion plan, Legoland will add a large family resort area that features a ride, night time entertainment, and a 4D theater experience. Upon completion, the Legoland Beach Retreat will be the largest project debuted. The original Legoland Resort opened in 2015 but this new Retreat, scheduled to open by mid-2017, will enhance the overall experience.

LegolandEach of the 83 single-story duplex buildings being constructed close to Lake Dexter on the property will be designed with a Lego home aesthetic. The resort will also boast 166 guestrooms, each capable of accommodating up to five people. For the kids, new amenities will include a sandy play area and for the entire family, a buffet-style restaurant. Included in the price of staying at the new Legoland Resort is transportation to and from the Beach Retreat.

Already opened as an addition to the Legoland water park is Creative Cove where children build floating crafts that are based on Lego City Coast Guard sets. Once finished, the crafts are raced down fast-flowing rivers. The water park also caters to parents with free WiFi, as well as supervised areas for smaller children.

Opening May 26 is Lego Nexo Knights 4D: The Book of Creativity, which is based on the new television show. The Knights addition will actually be the second 4D theater for Legoland, following The Lego Movie 4D. According to officials, the new 4D experience will offer a 12-minute film that uses the same wind and water 4D elements as the first theater.

Also based on a popular television show is the upcoming Lego Ninjago World, scheduled for completion by mid-2017. Coupled with the current World of Chima, this themed area will be the second for Legoland. Corresponding with the television show, Lego Ninjago World will focus primarily on martial arts with an Eastern theme.

The highlight of the new Legoland is Lego Ninjago the Ride. Similar to the Men in Black ride at Universal Studios, people will be securely strapped inside a four-seat vehicle and required to shoot animated ice, lightning, and fireballs at targets. For each successful hit, points are collected.

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